What Better Time

by pmiddy on Fri, January 21, 2011

What better time to start off your blog than on your birthday.  Today represents 45 years I have been an organism on this planet, we call Earth.  My blog posts may not come at you every day, but when they do come at you, I promise they will be thought provoking, humorous, at times strange, and hopefully keep you returning for more.  I have 3 different blogs that will be dedicated in different ways.  My blog patrickmiddleton.com will be the blog which may get under your skin.  This blog represents my thoughts on what, I feel, affects every American.  This blog will contain political, current news, religious, and other subjects which people tell you to stay away from on a first date.  Why?  These opinions will be contoversial.  My second blog, pmiddy.com is more laid back and will have subjects more towards the humourous side of life.  Last but certainly not least, rawillnotstop.me is my blog about living with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  In case you are not aware, I am a sufferer of Rheumatid Arthritis, showing symptoms at the age of 5 with proper diagnosis after age 7.  By the time I received the correct diagnosis, the disease ravaged my body and now affects every joint.  I hope this site will turn into a community for all sufferers of this debillitating disease.

Sit back, enjoy, and subscribe to all my blogs/websites.

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